Thankful for Those Unsung Heroes

I did not realize how many people go about their day doing their job and they do not realize all of the things that they do for you and how much their jobs really mean. I had a person tell me about getting stuck outside of their house because they left their keys in their house and they had to look for an access locksmith in Brisbane because it was the area where they lived, and they wanted someone that was going to be able to get their soon. They said that if they looked up something that was close then they would not have to worry about someone charging them extra money for the travel that is required to get to their house. My parents were talking about all of the different ways that people go about doing their jobs and that not a lot of people stop to thank them to tell them what a difference they made in their day, because they were the person whose skills they needed for something.

I made sure that I thanked the man that helped me get back into my house after I locked myself out. I knew that it did not seem like much to him, but he really saved me because I was on my way to a job interview, and I was almost late because I locked my keys in my house after I went to take my dog for a quick walk. I did not want to go and make a big deal about it, but I wrote an email to the owner of the company, and told him that I was really happy with the service that I received from his worker. It is important to tell people what they have done for you if it was good.